Saturday, August 13, 2011

An epitome of simplicity

and I called him 'The Black Wing Angel'

out of many, he impressed me.

he's an epitome of simplicity. Truthfully, I never see him as one before simply because appearance-wise, he's not.

and only God know how I feel when it is shown to me. It feels as if someone just slapped me. 

Take that b*tch! You're also one of the many who judged him

Well, it kinda hurts when your inner conscious just casually mocks you.

and the black wing angel. I bet he'd laugh if he read this.

*preparing to run to the end of the world*

God! why do I have to befriend this a little bit too annoying jerk ahem... I mean him...

Monday, August 8, 2011

when the day comes

It's been quite sometimes since the last time I'm here. Somehow I kept thinking of writing something on my blog but ended up Zzzzzzz on my bed~ hihi~

Life's been good. Not really smooth but at least, it can be considered as not bumpy either. Slowly, I'm adapting myself to this 'new' environment where there's no longer Hajar to talk to.

Where there's no longer Shaby-kun and Umi to fool around.

Where there's no longer ctie to lean on when life's getting hard.

Where there's no longer teasing and fooling around with TST 8.

True enough I did said that if I were given  chance to go through that one year again, I won't. It hurts way too much for me to bear at the end.

But, I already have gone through it somehow and I already happened to encounter all these people and fell in love with them.

Love made us strong, yet weak at the same time.

I won't deny the fact that maybe, there will be the day, in the future, tears might fall because I missed them way too much.

and when that day comes, I just know that I still love 'em way too much.
God, I don't mean this entry to be a sad one. lol~

I should change the song now. Funny how much songs affect my feelings at that particular time.

Maybe I should reconsider pop as my favourite instead of ballad, R&B and soul. lol~

One problem though. Not much pop songs are written to depict life. Most pop songs nowadays, should I say dead?

Well, maybe lack of feelings is a much better term.

Enough about songs.

Now what? love? lol~

hey, I got a present for 'deklamasi sajak' last time. Hehe~

and for the 'Kuiz' Kemerdekaan' too~ lol~ I never expect that...

but that's what happen here. Expect the unexpected. That happens to me so many times that now I'm not really surprised anymore.

Instead, I feel grateful to God. coz I had always believe that He'll never even once let go of us.

It's always us who let go. Told ya, human is a cocky prick.

I don't want to think anymore. 

I want to sleep~ T___T

and yeah... I kinda know that someway somehow, I am also a cocky prick... lol~\

Just ignore me... ^^