Friday, May 20, 2011

of a birthday and a farewell...

and just like that, my birthday passed...

Just like any other day, it doesn't really hold a meaning to me, except for the bunch of wishes and everything.

at least, now I don't really sees my birthday as something special anymore.

actually I've been online for these few days but apparently, I'm more into my ffics rather than logging in to FB.

and yeah, I've returned! and I guess I still got that passion as a writer. ^^

Apparently, on my birthday, she posted up this on her weibo -:

that's sure made us really really upset. but truthfully, aside from having a comeback, I am happy that she's living a peaceful and happy life. Sometimes, I do want her to stay like this forever.

but well, life should go on, right?

19th May 2011

is it a wish come true?

Partly I think...

and so,,, I officially bid farewell to all USIM students.

and now, I'm officially, no longer a USIM students.

I think some of you could already see this coming.

I guess I'm right this time... HE do wanna show 'something' to me there.

and that 'something',

it's a secret between me and HIM.

somehow, I'm not really afraid anymore. Coz I know, everything had been written in my fate.

and due to a promise, I'll continue living this life to the fullest.

a promise that I'll never back off and continue to run.

a promise that I'll never surrender to a heartbreak...

Just because of that promise I made years ago...

and by choosing, this, I'm not going on an easy road either. I'd rather choose a bumpy one.

and even if it's not, I'll just make one.

Anyway, I guess that's all from me...

To tst 8,

Don't miss me coz I'm not worth it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

[Review] DGNA/The Boss/Daikoku Danji (First Japanese Album, Love Power)

Daikoku Danji : First Japanese Album, Love Power

Official Release : 13th April 2011

Reviewed by : aiLee (16th May 2011)

Dae Guk Nam Ah (DGNA) or The Boss is a Korean boy band debuted in 2010. Despite hearing many good comments about this group, surprisingly I never took any interest in them mainly because they’re being compared to TVXQ. I neither have anything against TVXQ nor these boys but to me, having your very own image is very important. Yes, you do have to look up to the sunbaes (seniors) but it is not necessary to be similar to them or else you’re gonna live in their shadows.

Their first song that I really listened to was from this Japanese album (Love Power) entitled “もう最後になると (It Will Be the Last)”. I like the way how the music blended with their voices really well. I guess the thing that attracts me the most was how their voices blended with each other really well. I’m quite satisfied with their live performance considering that they got quite a stable vocal throughout the whole performance proved their ability to be a singer despite their young age.

I won’t compare them with other groups but truthfully, for a newbie, they deserved recognition. The fact that not much idol groups nowadays have the real ability to perform live is what made them differ in my eyes.
In this album, 4 songs are released including an instrumental for Love Power. Love Power, 奪いたい今すぐに (I want to steal you right now), もう最後になると (It Will Be the Last), and まだ見ぬその未来へ (To the Unseen Future) are the songs titles in this album.

Going through one by one starting from “Love Power”, this song is a song about the power of love itself that could make one person change. I find the lyrics quite funny and how it depicted the real situation when someone fell in love. This cheerful song with a very cheerful MV has a different feel from the usual “happy” styles depicted by most idol groups nowadays.

I would say 奪いたい今すぐに or in English I want to steal you right now, is rather a sad song. Usually, lyrics like this made me feel like the song is pathetic but this one brought a different feel I guess. Rather than feeling like the person is pathetic, I feel sympathy towards that person. After all, a one-sided love is the most painful out of all. Isn’t it?

まだ見ぬその未来へ or To the Unseen Future is my favorite one from this album. This song is an inspiring song giving one a feeling of forgetting yesterday and continues to look forward. I think I’ll post up a different post about this song later (if I have enough time).

I think out of 4 songs, 2 of them are rather sad. Anyway, this group’s average age is 19.4. Beginning their career at such a young age, I think with proper promotions and songs, they’ll be able to reach to the top soon and maybe even surpassing TVXQ’s success.

And I think the stylists should give them a different style. Watching Karam feels exactly like watching the young “Kim Jaejoong”. I think it’s mostly due to his hair and the way he sings onstage. It exactly the same. But seeing his face up- close, I think this guy has his own charm.

He's different from Jaejoong though. Looking at his pic here reminds me of Taemin from SHINee. Somehow his face give that vibe.

 Together with TVXQ. This one is backstage during TVXQ performance "Keep Your Head Down"

I guess people should really stop comparing them.

To the fans, support them just the way they are and don’t forget to be nice towards other fanclubs too! ^^

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What am I doing here?

Current time : 05:00a.m (+8.00)

Current temperature : Don't know but a lil bit cold  >__<

All the things above totally proved that I don't have anything to do... or... is it just me??? Okay,,, the truth is there are looooootsssss of things to be done.

But I guess I've been cursed with the word >>>> L.A.Z.Y


Not really I guess, coz at least I'm trying hard to keep the kitchen clean. >__<

which apparently requires really LOTS of work... and time.

It seems like regaining back my "Princess"-like position + reigning the dictatorship again here will require lots and lots of time...

Nope. I'm not kidding. The person who live here would know it better.

It seems like I'm still fond of FO...

This is one of the traits that I got > once I'm grew fond of something, it'll take a very long time to disappear.

is it a good trait? or a bad one?

I guess both... lol~ Why?

coz at least I'm being faithful here... (trying to)

anyway,,, bout FO or Family Outing... Actually during 2008, ever since the first broadcast, I've been keeping myself up-to-date until the last episode of F.O. That time Ramen Soup Subs was the only subbing team that subs the whole episodes.

and now, since I got the full episodes, it's like heaven! :p

I stopped watching FO when season 1 finished coz none of the casts from season one are in the season two.

Season 2 was full of idols = I'm.not.interested.

Did I ever tell you guys that I'm not really into Idol Groups Newbies ever since 2007?
Oh, seems like I forgot to...

I'm not really into the idol groups that debuted from late 2007 until now. Except for one or two of course. There's always an exception for every rules right?

Well,,, actually if I think about it deeper,,, I'm not really fond of the idol groups in the first place... except for one or two of them... lol~

Zhang Li Yin? pfffttt... She's not considered as an idol. Mind you.

and so, now I'm officially joining weibo though seriously I can't really understand much words in that page...
can only understand simple ones like and and also this >>>> 张力尹...
Weibo is actually the Chinese version of twitter since twitter is not allowed in China just like how Tudou is for Youtube.

Basically, in direct translation, it is a mini blog. and it seems like the Chinese are getting addicted to Weibo... lol~ Just like how we're addicted to Twitter or FB.

and why all of a sudden weibo??? Geez~ of course because of the particular reason above... -_-"

Though seriously,,, I think this one suits me better > Zhang Li Yin : Archive

Aha! Just now, while strolling through my very own collections, I found this.

060909 음악중심 timeless 장리인with시아준수

Imma just translating this for you >>>>> 장리인 = 张力尹

I got this video after going through thousands and thousands of downloading and deleting process until I found this HD version. lol~

Yeah~ basically,,, I kinda know that I am insatiable~ :p

Don't bother me... I'm not even close to being sane  >___<

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The start of the loooonnnngggg holiday

Greetings boys and girls!

so what? It's the long holiday again!!! Though I doubt that mine is that long... -_-"

I'm still in 'relax mode' so I don't feel like being active on fb... and fanfics, oh, I 've been on hiatus for too long~ TT__TT

I kinda miss writing... and my readers too~ It's actually feels really good to read the comments made by the people who read my stories... *Grin like a pabo*

I've been spending my times watching FO (Family Outing) again and again and again! Funny how it never fail to make me laugh and... hungry. -_-"

aside from that, been strolling on the net to find yin yin pics. am I a stalker??? Creepy~

anyway, found her updates on weibo since Chocolyn hasn't been posting any lately...

This one is my fav!!!

and this is the newest info bout her album... I'm tired of waiting though. just like that puppy...

and just now I reread all the comments on my Ffic.. ^^ and it does make me feel happy!

that one from my 1st fanfic, Moving On. I've posted it here before...

Next in line is my 2nd Ffic...

This one is written by me out of the blue and it really surprised me to see the number of subscribers is quite a lot.

and this Ffic is a twist from BoF... huhu...
Now I feel really bad being on-hiatus without any notice... :(

See ya!

Monday, May 2, 2011

You're wrong then...

If you ever think I'm being the way I am now because I don't want to be fake or I'm just being the way I am,

then, congrats. you're wrong.

I actually choose to act differently in front of different people. in other words,

I proudly present myself the award for the best actress.

I don't know if any of you ever realized but I do act differently with my friends too.

Please do remember though, I'm not going to act the way you want me to. Unless you're someone really significant in my life, then if you want me to, I'll change. for the better...

In fact, I'd usually act according to your level.

Not because I think I am a mature adult. But rather because the way we think are different.

If any of you ever think that I considered myself as matured, think again. because again,,, you're wrong.

I do whine. In fact, I whine more than my youngest sister.

because apparently, being matured = no fun

People judge through our actions and when they're not pleased, they'd bash.

I better not care about what people think about me.

Ignorance after all is a bliss.

So, if you think that I don't know that some people don't really like me, again, you're wrong.

because eventually, I know.

don't ask me how. People would think that I'm creepy if I told them how.

only that I choose to ignore. hurt??? I can only feel it if I allow myself to.

Mess with me or with the people I love and I'll give you hell.

coz I'm not that kind to forgive people.

If you ever think I am a kind girl, you're wrong then.