Saturday, February 18, 2012

slacking off~

the title above is self explanatory. haha. I've been here for many many times but always fell asleep almost immediately after I finished writing the first line. x__x

so, this time while running away from cleaning the kitchen (for this upcoming occasion), might as well post a new entry.
This entry will be a very short one since I have to go to Primula at 2.00p.m to attend something.

so, slacking off? I'm pretty sure all of us had done this before. and it feels pretty good escaping from all those works.

and I'm pretty good at this. lol~

Actually I feel pretty bad since I had accidentally ignored certain important people in my life lately... T__T

All in all, work is work. and I'm thankful that some are being understanding enough.
(while some others just didn't get it. -_-")

Though the reality is that the understanding ones made me feel even more worse... >__<

since they're being too nice and all. I should treat 'em better from now on.


p/s: Hokuto-chan, hontou ni, gomen ne... >_<  
好きなんだ~ <3 <3 <3