Friday, March 16, 2012

Holiday's gonna end soon!

Warning : Don't read unless u have so much time to waste. TQ 

Holiday's gonna end soon! 

It's a total chaos tonite with TESL 2.

I can't believe that I actually missed being with them... lol~

Basically it's already Friday...

well, have to work hard finishing all the kkp. 
or else

It's 3:59 in the morning now, and God! Who on earth set the alarm clock at this time???!!!

Must be Kinah or Adik...
Well... being too excited with their new alarm clocks... 
They don't even buy one for me... 

After going through loads of things, I end up here to chill~


Better than staring at Yunho in the new MV

and for the record, I'm not really a fan.

Just being appreciative of his existence...

lol~ Just kidding! ^^

Yup! Tohoshinki or TVXQ released their Japanese single 'STILL' on the 14th of March 
and now they're the 1st on the Oricon Singles Chart.

Selling over 84,000 copies in less than 3 days...

Pretty impressive huh?

Well, what else to expect from them. ^^

oh hey, I also found out that Conor Maynard had finally officially debuted...

Hmm... I don't really like his song this time.

I admit his voice really impressed me the first time I listened to his cover back then.
(in 2010 I think)

Well, truthfully, I like him singing ballad more...

Anyway, I hope he remained the way he was and not being blinded by fame.

That's all bout entertainment then...


Here's one silly question

Is it okay to kill cockroaches using Ridsect???

coz after making several observations, I think it's too cruel killing them with Ridsect...

Don't believe me?

Well, try to spray Ridsect on a cockroach and you'll notice that it'll take almost 2 days for it to be dead.

and it seemed to be suffering so much...

So what's the best way then?


Mom will be mad if she knew I haven't sleep...



I don't like kkp at all...

Well, who does?

Sya'ak, focus!

So tomorrow I have to wash the car, clean my room, pack my things.


So many things to do... 

I don't know why, but it seems like people around me had been talking too much bout Marriage.

and the same goes to the posts on fb... -_-"

Well, truthfully, marriage is one thing that I would want to avoid for the next 5 years maybe...
I would want to write forever but I guess that's impossible huh?

coz marriage is all about commitment towards the person we're married to
and I don't think I'm a person for that.

But then, somehow I don't think it's really all bout that.

I think it's more because I'm afraid of losing, so loving is definitely out of topic.

I guess dats it for today.

coz I feel like sleeping now

Good Night~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Peace... No harm intended. :D

Dear peeps and creeps, (and all the others aside from those 2 categories...)

It's my one-week holiday!!!! yay!!!

and I love holidays!!! lol~

Maybe I should take this time to reflect about all my wrongdoings.

 The Inner Conscious : Though I don't really feel like I have one... 

Me : Shut up.

Anyway, I'm still thinking on how to survive in IPGKDRI this coming April. 

Yeah. After that operation to remove the things inside my leg.

Any idea? One thing for sure, the place I'm studying now is definitely not friendly enough for disabled people.

and yeah... I had looked around...

the place might cause me another bloody-tragedy. *sigh*

Okay, first thing first. 

I actually don't really like the idea of having another operation. or in other words, I really despise it.

3 years ago, I thought that would be the first and the last.

coz it's painful.

added with all the embarrassment.  (you'll understand if you have had that experience)

Okay, forget bout that. for now...
Last week I went for a counseling session In Al-Farabi hall.

and guess what, I got 10/10 for the autonomy part.

you can google bout autonomy for sidek's personality test and you'll eventually understand me. lol~

Well, I got high scores for many of the personality traits except for the last part and a few others.

All I can say is that, I think I'll have another counseling session again. :D

I think despite the frustration I have when my siblings are not co-operating with me for the house chores, they actually made me laugh.

It was like, one moment I got really mad and then the next moment, we will laugh together.

 The Inner Conscious : Guess what, I think it just shows how much of a psycho you are.

Me : Guess what, ur opinion is not needed here. :p

I think it'll get real crazy if Along is here. lol~

and so today there goes my RM 65.00 after much persuasion from the brat whom I call Adik. -_-"

Dear Along,
I can never become rich if she's going to behave like this everyday... T__T

Today, again I have to pick Sakinah from her school.

and yeah, I think it's a good way to perfect your driving skills. (wait till u see the road)

This really reminds me of that one time when I got lost on my way home, the first time I sent her.

and I end up at Wakaf Tapai. -_-"

That was like another looonggg~ journey home. T__T
So, while Batu Rakit taught me how to be patience, Pengkalan Berangan teach me how to control the car when you're driving 120km/h on the crooked road.

The Inner conscious : Don't bother her. She's just being crazy.

Me : Not as much as you do! :p

Life had been pretty relaxing for me. (or else I won't have times to update my blog...)

No scandals. Whatsoever... 

Well, not that they're really true anyway. It sounds way too ridiculous to even be laughed at. 


It's funny how some people really believe 'em.

Not like I really care anyway. I don't think it's harming me.

At least, I've had things harder before.

Up to one point, people will get tired. and so they'll stop. 

Well, let's just hope that no one will get *butthurt. so that I don't have another person 'dedicating' the dreadful word to me.

Coz I can be as nice as I want and the moment you used that kind of word to me I can turn into a wicked witch. (at least it's better than a b*tch rite?)

Peace... No harm intended. :D

Currently listening to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

Despite the sweet lyrics, I can't help but suddenly having this weird flashback on one advertisement on tv about deodorant I guess. (forgot bout the brand)

But the illogical part is when the girl used her 'white' armpits to attract guys to help her changing the car tire. 

and I was like, OMG, this ads looks way too ridiculous.

and stupid too... -_-"

Anyway, some people might believe in that and buy the product.

without knowing that make-up is doing it's wonder for every advertisement.


I do wear make ups. but not as often anymore. 

coz I'm just getting lazy. Applying everything will take more than 15 minutes. >__<

I think I had thrown away half of my make-up set the last time I clean my bag... :D

Yeah! Let's go natural! 

Now I feel sleepy. *yawning*

Nite everyone! Sweet dreams!

Assalamualaikum~ (Muslims only) :D

p/s : let's just hope adik will change her mind bout going to library tomorrow. *praying*

*Meaning of butthurt :
A. When a person gets overly offended for a non mean-spirited joke.
B. The state of being offended because of a joke your friend made and not talking to him or her because of said joke.