Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thank you

I always said I regret nothing about my past.
Truth is... I do. I regret a lot of things.

Many of those moments that I regretted were from those times when I get hurt.

It's ironic. When we get hurt, we tend to hurt others too..
I read this long ago. And it's funny because I couldn't relate it to me. At that time, I could only see it in others around me.
Because the fact that I too, hurt others is something that my brain could not comprehend.
How could I? When I'm the center of my world.
In my mind, everything that I did, even to the point of hurting others is justified.

Now, as I grow older, I realized... during those times when I get hurt, I hurt a lot of people.
I hurt a lot of people who was trying to get to me.

And to these people... I am sorry and thank you.

Yet, there are those precious gems who even with everything that I did to push them away, they still stayed and they stay for a very long time.

To these people, thank you will never be enough. Only God can reward you for all the things you've done. 😊