Saturday, March 11, 2017

Whatever will be will be

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera sera
What will be will be

I once was intrigued by the 'Que Sera Sera'. 
In my opinion, it wasn't a sad song and neither a happy one. 
It's a reality. 
A reality that all of us need to understand and face at one point. 

I still remember, I used to get scared whenever there's an exam or whatever because I felt that I didn't have enough preparation. I would always call my late father, expressing my concerns and worries. 

Instead of scolding me for not studying properly (I wasn't serious enough when I did my foundation or tamhidi in USIM), he would always say it's okay. Just go and face it. Whatever the results are, just face it. 

Most of the time, I wasn't confident at all with every decision that I made. In fact I cringe inside whenever I need to make a decision for myself, let alone for others. 

However at one point, you need to realize and understand that whatever will be, will be. I'm a believer and I believed that whatever that I faced, it's my fate. All the hardships that came along are there to make me stronger. 

What doesn't kill you won't kill you. If it did, don't worry, we'll be dead by then and just like that, we no longer have any business with this world. We will move on to another realm beyond our boundary as a living person. 

So, instead of burying ourselves with something so ephemeral like fears and all the scary possibilities, just take that leap of faith and fly. Everything's gonna be okay. 

It will hurt, it will slap you in the face, tear you down until you are left with nothing. 
But, even then, everything's gonna be okay. 

Nothing lasts forever. 

Just like happiness that came to an end, so is sadness. 

p/s: Syakirah, don't worry. Trust me. You're gonna be okay. Just bear with it for a moment. 😄😉

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