Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't ever forget me ^^

      Lately I've been here several times and I find it funny how I stopped saying 'Hi' in my last posts. Part of it, might be due to the realization that no one probably read this blog. Haha. I don't mind though. This blog serves more as a diary towards my future self. So, if you accidentally read my posts, then hopefully you'll get something out of it. One thing for sure, I'm going to keep blogging.

          As I went through my older posts, I noticed that for the past 5 years, particularly after my father passed away, I stopped blogging and writing altogether. Up to one point, I only posted an entry once or twice a year. I have to admit, my father's death was probably my most painful turning point. His death changed everything. Honestly, it was so painful and it still is. Even now, I don't know if I'll ever get over it. Life must go on though. Haha. So, don't worry, it'll be okay.

     I read a story several weeks ago. Honestly, that story was not even the best story I read so far but I cried a lot as I read it. It's about a girl who woke up in the hospital with 15 years of her life missing from her memory. She was a totally different person 15 years later as she became ruthless and cold due to the circumstances that she faced during the 15 years. It made me sad partly because I know, I too could be that cold and ruthless one day.

So today I want to tell you, the me in the future, regardless of whatever happens in the future always always always and always see the good in people.

For the phoenix to rise from the ashes
One must know the pain
To transform the fire to burning desire.
-Mark Gorkin-

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